Product improvement program

When you use one of our themes you have an option to opt-in to automatically sending anonymous diagnostic and usage data in Theme Options → General.

Usage tracking information

  1. You can view /inc/usage-tracking.php to learn what exactly is being sent and how often in your theme version.
  2. Examples of data that we track:
    1. Server information
      1. PHP version
      2. HTTPS status
    2. WordPress information
      1. Language
      2. Active plugins
      3. Number of published posts and pages
    3. Theme information
      1. Version of the theme
      2. How many users use a particular theme feature (e.g. the top drop-down panel)
  3. We recommend that you enable usage tracking. We gather the data with an intention to make our products and services better.

Privacy of your data

All tracked data is anonymous. If some personal piece of information would arrive to us (e.g. the name of a plugin that you wrote for yourself) then it will be soon discarded by our system as invalid if there's only one instance of that data. We analyze general usage patterns.