The theme loads fonts in the following order:

  1. Sofia Pro (paid Typekit font)
  2. Montserrat (free Google Fonts font)
  3. sans-serif (the fallback font that depends on the system, it's usually Arial or Helvetica)

"Sofia Pro" is a paid font and isn't included with the theme. To enable it follow the steps:

  1. Subscribe to Adobe Fonts (paid service).
  2. Create a new Kit for your website by going to Sofia Pro and by clicking "Use fonts". (You can optionally check the official guide at this point.)
  3. Paste your "Typekit Kit ID" in Theme Settings → Typekit Kit ID.
Typekit configuration.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts are free and don't require any configuration.


The theme comes with a custom font called "ikonicons" which contains icons created for this project. The font can be modified using IcoMoon App.

If you have completed the actions described in this article and it did not solve your issue, you may:
Search the community forum or file a support ticket