Making custom modifications correctly

  1. DO all custom modification in a child theme, by writing a plugin or by using Appearance → Customize → Additional CSS.
  2. DON'T modify themes and plugins directly. Statistically more than 5 in 10 people are unaware of that and do their modifications in a parent theme (consequently blocking for themselves the possibility of updating the parent theme).

The above official WordPress pages cover most of what you need to know about child themes and plugins and hence there is no further explanation here.


The theme is based on the Underscores framework:

  1. It's a set of basic starter files that the default (and most other) themes use.
  2. It's created and maintained by the core WordPress developers. It's kept up-to-date and secure at all times.
  3. If you don't know anything about frameworks then the one we use it right for you.

We use the default WordPress themes as reference as well so you can check their functions.php to see how to unhook filters and actions, learn which files and functions can be overwritten (presentational) and which can't (core) etc.

Because our themes (and plugins) are based on the official framework they can be modified by any WordPress developer. They don't require prior learning.

Custom modification requests

Over 50% of requests we receive are about custom modifications — to date since 2010 we responded to more than 50,000 requests and more than 25,000 of them were asking for custom modifications — most were asking for very specific changes that do not qualify for being added to the main package.

We're unable to provide custom modification services as a part of your purchase:

  1. Our support team may not have sufficient expertise to provide the requested code modifications.
  2. The needs of our clients vary vastly:
    • Some require quick response and delivery times
    • Some require the code to be prepared in a specific way
    • Some require constant monitoring for updates
    • Some have personal websites and are happy with just basic styles changes
    • Some are willing to spend any amount of money, some are looking for the lowest price or for free service
    • Etc.
  3. We're receiving too many significantly varying requests and therefore, to avoid making any promises and expectations that we would not be able to fulfill our support team follows a hard and fast rule to reject any and all code modification requests even if they are small (which is in accordance with ThemeForest's Item Support Policy to which authors and buyers agree).
  4. All custom modification requests will be moved to the dedicated support forum area and will mostly remain unanswered. If some request would be frequently appearing or would be something general that many people could benefit from we may provide a solution to that.

Outsourcing custom modifications

You can find developers that can handle custom modifications for you on websites like Envato Studio. Their hourly rate starts at about $50.

Feature requests

If your desired modification is something general that would be useful to a large number of people then it may qualify for becoming a theme feature! You can submit a feature request on the relevant page. All freqently requested features will be considered and may be eventually added to the main package.

If you have completed the actions described in this article and it did not solve your issue, you may:
Search the community forum or file a support ticket