General information

  1. Our themes and plugins are 100% translatable (including plural forms, number formats etc.).

Your website in one other language

  1. You don't need any plugins to translate your website to another language.
  2. You can switch your website's language in Settings → General → Site Language. This will switch WordPress and the free plugins from the official repository to the new language.
  3. To have our themes and plugins available in your language you'll have to generate PO/MO files with translations for yourself. See for more information.

Multiple languages on one website (language selector)

You need a plugin if you need multiple languages at once on one website (a language selector).

Example plugins include:


WPML is the most complete solution but other plugins may be fully suitable for your needs too.

If you have completed the actions described in this article and it did not solve your issue, you may:
Search the community forum or file a support ticket